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Full Cover Layout 1
Instructional, how-to, romance...

Each cover design is original. We don't use clip art or work from templates, but start from scratch to create a true representation of the author's work. This includes the front, back and spine, presented in a PDF file suitable for digital or offset printing.

'I appreciated your prompt response
and good customer service.
With gratitude.'

Ray Kahn
Kick-Fit Workout

Your Photo . . .
A Few Adjustments & Cover Is Ready To Print!
 Fiction, non-fiction, foodies...

Any cover design can be easily applied to posters,
bookmarks, brochures or postcards, and printed simultaneously with any book order. Our services also include barcodes with price embedding, ISBN's,
text layout, and high-resolution scanning.

'You captured everything in a design
that we were going after in words, thank you.'

Joseph Destafino
The Average Joe

 Michael Delaney Rollover
History, memories, Western...

Graphics, illustrations, photographs or anything that can be scanned can become a full cover design, printer-ready. Watchmaker will create a professional layout according to the publisher's request, including typeface on the spine and back cover allowing for blurbs/reviews, and an author's photo.

'I have had a lot of comments
about the cover, people love it!'

Helen VanScyoc
The Fence

 Scientific, inspirational, financial...

With your full book cover design in PDF, you can receive bids from any printer, like any publisher. You're no longer at the mercy of self-publishing companies and their exorbitant fees.

Thank-you! The books look great.
I sincerely appreciate all of your help.

Anastasia Hoyt
Dusty Spark Publishing

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Home Book Cover Design Printing Services Book Reprinting Book Typesetting Services

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